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Analisa Kiskis’ Art Featured in “Perceptions” National Juried Exhibit

Congratulations to H’Art artist Analisa Kiskis whose work was featured in the “Perceptions” exhibition at Ottawa City Hall Art Gallery.

H’Art of Ottawa artist Analisa Kiskis’s painting “Power of Language, Power of Life” was chosen as one of the works of art to be part of a national juried art show. Perceptions explores how art can be experienced in new and non-traditional ways. It asks us to consider how exhibitions can explore diverse perceptions and develop creative approaches to accessibility. This show features new works by seven Canadian artists with disabilities and Deaf artists who have reinterpreted existing artworks from the City of Ottawa’s Fine Art Collection.

This show is aimed at Canadian artists who are deaf and/or have a disability that work in visual and media arts, performance art, craft, design, and other new art forms.

“Perceptions”: explores various aspects of perception including how we understand the world, ourselves, and how we are understood. Phenomenal or physical perceptions may include experiencing the world with/without sound, with/without sight, and through various modes of language, movement, touch, etc. Psychological or cognitive perceptions may include how we believe we are perceived by others, and how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. (Submissions include artist’s reinterpretation of an existing artwork, so that it is more accessible, both to people with and without disabilities (e.g., through touch, sound, visual language, location, etc.).

In coordination with the show, CBC Radio 1 aired a live interview with Angelo Demarsico and Lynda Cronin called “All in a Day”. A short clip was also recorded in the gallery for airing on the CBC Radio 1 newscast.

The show ran from December 3, 2010 to January 16, 2011 and was a great success with lots of wonderful attention for Analisa’s art.

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