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The Celebration of People, Artistic Excellence Award 2009 for Andre Lanthier

We are thrilled to announce H’Art artist Andre Lanthier as 2009 recipient of the Celebration of People “Artistic Excellence Award”.

Celebration of People is an annual awards program and dinner event first held in Ottawa in 2001. Presentation of the Celebration of People awards takes place each year in conjunction with December 3 — designated by the United Nations as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The awards recognize the achievements and contributions of individuals, businesses and organizations promoting accessibility, inclusion and full community participation by citizens with disabilities.

Award recipients include individuals with disabilities who are advocates for others with disabilities and/or whose personal example of excellence demonstrates the potential of all members of the community. They also include companies, agencies, government and other organizations which have created opportunities for people with disabilities to participate more fully in their workplaces, schools and volunteer organizations — for example, through projects to enhance physical accessibility or inclusive hiring practices and policies.

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H'Art of Ottawa is a unique and innovative art studio where self-expression and a sense of place are encouraged and celebrated for people with developmental disabilities. Through the common language of art and self-expression, the artists of H'Art contribute to the community and the cultural life of Ottawa. Please visit our artists, art collection and card collection pages to view H'Art Studio work.
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